Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Mallory has been telling everyone she knows about The Blanket Brigade.

Yesterday she had a conversation with her teacher:
"Mrs. Morris, do you know how to do a Blanket Brigade?"
"Well, Mallory, I can't say that I do."
"If I can do it, you can do it!"

Today at her little brother's appointment with the pediatrician she proudly told him about our project.  He got down at her eye level and told her that she was doing a good thing and that he was sure these blankets were going to keep the kids feeling safe and warm.  He even invited her to make a flyer for the office and said they'd help her. (Guess what we're working on this afternoon!)

My hope when we started this is that it would be a project that people could work on together; couples and families while watching a favorite Christmas movie, moms and their kids of all ages, classrooms, scout troops, girlfriends....  and that hope is coming to fruition.  I'm loving the stories coming in of how and where these blankets are being made!

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