Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A HUGE Donation!

Remember my friend Diana and her faculty and staff friends from Station Middle School in Barrington? You can read about them here.

On Friday evening Diana called me with some exciting news.  Last week was Colonial Week at Station.  The 7th grade boys and girls were scheduled to do some very "gender specific" projects.  Boys were to work with wood, and the girls were going to weave.  After meeting Mallory, the teachers involved thought it would be a better idea to have them work on a project that would be put to good use instead.

The girls were shown parts of our blog, fleece was purchased, and the girls set to work.  And BOY, did they work!  They wanted to present their blankets to Mallory today during their lunch hour.  OF COURSE we were happy to be there.  I told Mallory they made a LOT of blankets but I didn't tell her JUST how many.

Imagine the look on her face when she was told they made NINETY-FIVE blankets. 95!  That's a lot of warm Lurie's patients this winter!  Thanks, Station, for warming our hearts today.

Mallory thanking the 7th grade girls.

A stage full of blankets!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"I Want To Make a Blanket. What Do I Do?"

Thank you to ALL of you who have shown interest in this year's brigade.  I wanted to write a quick post outlining the "rules" (for lack of a better word!) for those of you who are new to our project!

Here's what you need to do:

Make a no-sew fleece blanket
-1.5 yards in size (Some people made 2 yard blankets last year.  Either is fine!)
-If you've never made one before, please refer to the "Blanket Tutorial" tab on our home page.

Take a picture of you/your kids with the finished blanket and send it to me so we can add it to the blog.  Check back often at the Our Progress - 2014 tab to see pictures of all the proud, smiling, blanket making faces and their beautiful, colorful blankets.  (Mallory and I both LOVE this part!)

This next part is VERY important to Lurie's:
To prevent transmission of household allergens and other contaminants
-please launder and THOROUGHLY dry the finished blanket (fleece retains quite a bit of moisture.  They often feel dry when they're warm right out of the dryer even when they're not quite dry).
-place in a clean trash bag tied at the top.
-if you have more than one blanket, it is completely fine to place multiple, clean blankets in the same bag.

Contact Me at to schedule a drop-off/pick up
Check out the "Where Do I Donate?" tab on our home page

Thanks again for your participation, love, and support!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Note From Mallory

Hi Everybody!
Blanket Brigade has begun!
One of my favorite parts about last year was getting blankets from friends in different states.  This year I think we can get blankets from more states than last year!  Last year we delivered blankets from THIRTEEN different states.  Will you help me?  Every time we get a blanket from a new state, I will get to cover that state with a white heart because our blankets are made with love.
Thank you to everyone who helps!

PS - Contact my mommy to find out how to get the blanket to us!

One heart for Illinois!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our First Blankets of 2014!

Over the summer my friend Diana called me up asking if we were going to be doing the Blanket Brigade again as the staff at her school, Station Middle School in Barrington, IL, was looking to do a fall service project.  At that point I was fairly certain we were going to do it, but this was the contact I needed to say, "Yup. We're doing this!"  I contacted Lurie Children's Hospital that same afternoon to schedule our drop off date.

A couple of weeks ago Mallory and I were invited to share our story at their staff meeting the same day they were scheduled to make their blankets.  I had no idea what to expect from a room of middle school teachers, but I think Mallory's excitement was a bit infectious!  As the principal asked, "What do you say, Guys?  Should we do this?" a round of applause followed and this incredible bunch got to work.

Within the hour, they completed 25 blankets!  It's amazing what happens when people work together, isn't it?  Needless to say, this event was a fantastic way for Mallory and I to get excited about this years collection.

Diana & her friends were ORGANIZED.  They had two blanket making stations at each table in the school's library each with two pieces of pre-cut fabric and two pairs of Fiskars scissors.

Pretty sure the PE teachers thought it was a competition to finish first. (They did!)  I got a kick out of that!

As they worked, Mallory went around schmoozing the crowd, sharing stories of last year and helping tie knots.

She made quite a few new friends that afternoon.

Tallying the finished blankets and getting high fives!
Many thanks to Diana and the staff at Station Middle School!  We are so happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blanket Brigade 2013 Recap Video

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Kelly Zea for using your talents to bless us with this amazing gift!  Mallory has watched it at least two dozen times already! xoxoxo

Round Two!

Welcome!  Or perhaps we can say, "Welcome Back!"

Last year was SUCH a huge success and brought so much joy to so many people that we are VERY excited to announce Round Two of the Blanket Brigade!

In 2013 we started collecting blankets the week of Thanksgiving and delivered on December 30th.  This year we are doing things a little bit differently and starting Round Two during a time of year that isn't QUITE as busy for most people.  We'll be collecting blankets from now until the Sunday before Thanksgiving, November 23rd.  Our drop-off date at Lurie Children's Hospital is scheduled for Monday, November 24th.

You can view the story behind the Blanket Brigade or find a Blanket Tutorial (which includes how to care for the blankets) by clicking the links on the right side of the home page of our blog.

THANK YOU!  We can't wait to see what 2014 brings to the Blanket Brigade!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lemonade for Livy

The Blanket Brigade has a summer project!
This Saturday, July 26th, from 12-3 at Berry Yo Frozen Yogurt in Arlington Heights, we are going to be making a stand against Epilepsy.
"Why?", you may ask?
Because of Livy.  Livy and her family are dear friends our family.
Lemonade for Livy was inspired by nine year old Olivia (Livy) Scheinman who has had severe epilepsy since birth. Although she cannot walk or talk, she has incited a movement of children and families coming together from around the country to raise money for epilepsy research. Livy’s twin sister Hailey leads the movement from Clearwater, FL. She motivates people, through her Facebook videos (, to get involved and register their lemonade events. Each participating state on her Map of Hope is turned purple, the color for epilepsy awareness. Hailey’s goal is to turn each state purple.
As of this morning, FORTY EIGHT states have stands registered for this weekend's event.  48!!
Will YOU help us make a stand and be a part of this nationwide event?
We are SO thankful for Sheila, Berry Yo Frozen Yogurt's owner, who has welcomed our efforts at her store.  Whether you come for the best frozen yogurt in the area and stay for the lemonade or come for the lemonade and stay for the froyo, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday!