Thursday, December 11, 2014

That's A Wrap!


Today was our second delivery for Blanket Brigade 2014 and WOW, did we deliver!  Three vehicles filled with bagged blankets and eager helpers delivered the rest of the 


we have received from 23 states across the country since October.  
550!!  Can you believe it?!  We kinda can't!

There are many things I absolutely love about this project, but one of the things I love most is the people I connect with, meet, and reconnect with thanks to the love and compassion that is extended from some amazing people.  Our delivery team today consisted of some special grade school friends!  The above picture shows "The Deliverers" - all alum (and a future alum) of St. Paul in Mt. Prospect.  (Classes of '91, '92, '93, and 2024)  Thank you, Alana & Shannon, for spending your afternoon with us!  
There was one particular day about a month ago where I had messages in my inbox from two girls I met on mission trips (one in Colorado and one in New York), two people I went to High School with, and a childhood friend that moved away in 3rd grade ALL wanting to let me know they had a blanket to contribute to the Brigade.  What a perfect example of God's Family working together!!  I've been constantly reminded that I have crossed paths with some unbelievably awesome people.

Many of you have asked me how the blankets are distributed.  Today I learned a bit more about how the process works.  They first take some of the blankets straight from the loading dock right up to the floors to deliver to inpatients who don't already have one.  They also hand out blankets in their Family Life Center  and at special events (see pictures below!)  The remainder of the blankets are split up and sent to outpatient facilities in Lincoln Park and Winfield where children are scheduled for tests, procedures, and surgeries.  I was told the blankets are especially cherished in those times as they become a comfort on a "scary" day.  

Once again, I'm so thankful to all the people who have played a part in this special project. Your compassion, love, and willingness to help has amazed me every day since we started our Blanket Brigade.
We are looking forward to slowing down a little bit and enjoying all things surrounding this Christmas Season as we focus on Jesus' love as He is the One who loved us first and best!  
I've been hearing some stories of how our project has inspired others.  If you have a story or project to share, please contact me as we would LOVE to share it on our blog!
From the bottom of our hearts, Mallory and I say, "THANK YOU" for 
making Blanket Brigade 2014 such a HUGE success!

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