Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mallory's Mission

Hello Blanket Brigade Friends!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Blanket Brigade.  Mallory and I are both very excited to see what this year's Brigade will hold!

While we will still be collecting for Lurie Children's Hospital, we are also adding something different this year.


As we received blanket box after blanket box from all over the country last year, I couldn't help but think, "Wouldn't it be great if our Blanket Brigade started spreading across the nation?" (And save many of you on shipping costs!)

So with that in mind, Mallory and I started talking about what her goals would be for this year.

"Mallory, if we asked people from all over the country to bring blankets to a hospital near them, how many blankets should we challenge them to collect?"

"Half a dozen, Mom.  That's six".  (Thanks, Mal)

"OK, so how many people are you hoping will collect half a dozen blankets for a hospital near them?"

"One Hundred".

"Really, Mal?  100?  That's kind of a lot".

"But Mom, we collected FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY blankets for one place!  It's just 6.... they can do it".

Well touche, Child.  Who am I to tell her it's lofty?  After all, I tried to tell her there was no way we would double our first year's delivery of 216, but she said it could be done.  And she was right!

So that's her mission -
100 people (We're calling them "Branch Buddies") collect 6 blankets for a children's hospital (or floor of a hospital) near them.
(YES, you can most certainly do more than 6.  We don't set limits!) 

That, ON TOP of collecting for Ann & Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago!

Will you help?

Our deadline for blankets is Monday, November 30th which is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

A tutorial for how to make and handle blankets is on a tab on our blog.

PLEASE make sure your blanket has been cut and tied correctly before washing it and putting it in a clean, unused garbage bag.  

And finally, as always, we want to keep track of how many blankets we have and where they are from.

If you're donating locally, please send me a picture of you, your kids, your class, etc with the blanket.

If you're a "Blanket Brigade Branch Buddy" you don't have to worry about getting a picture of every single blanket.  We'd just like some sort of picture from you letting us know how many blankets you collected and where you brought them.  Be creative!

THANKS for your continued generosity and love!

EDITED TO ADD: Most hospitals have a person in charge of donations.  This individual's email address should be located on the hospitals webpage.  Most hospitals require the same handling instructions as Lurie's.

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