Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mariah's Super Sweet 16

I received an email this week from a friend's coworker who had a very unique and special plan. Her daughter Mariah's  Sweet 16 Party was today and they decided it would be nice to have Mariah and her friends do something nice for others. Having participated in the Blanket Brigade last year, they decided to have the girls make blankets!

Mallory & I got to FaceTime with the party girls earlier this afternoon and we were happy to see they were having such a good time. 

Way to go, Girls!  
Happy Sweet 16, Mariah!


  1. Wonderful super Sweet 16th Birthday bash! The party looks joyful and enjoyable. My daughter also turned 16 last weekend but we didn’t had such a huge party. We had a small family dinner party at one of her favorite venues. Truly, it was good to have a great time with family!

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