Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Houston, We Have a (Good) Problem..."

Months and months ago I scheduled a Blanket Brigade delivery date with Lurie Children's Hospital for Monday, November 24th, 2014.  What I didn't know at the time was that our efforts this year were going to be even more successful than last year!

So what's the problem?

Well, the problem is that we have more blankets to donate than Lurie's can safely accept, distribute, and/or store at one time!  (Told ya it was a good problem!)

So what does this mean?

For us it means that we now have two scheduled delivery dates.  The first (and biggest one) being this coming Monday.  The second delivery is scheduled for December 10th.

For YOU it means more time! 

Our new OFFICIAL deadline for Blanket Brigade 2014 blankets is Tuesday, December 9th.  We will happily accept your donations until then.

Once again, many, many, many thanks to all who have followed our story, participated in, loved on, and prayed for this project.  God is SO good and every day as I scroll through the progress pictures I'm thankful for the many amazing people He has blessed our lives with!

The following pictures are some we've both taken and collected over the last couple of weeks showing our progress....

Mallory loves picking up blankets from our Blanket Brigade Boxes as well as the (often twice) deliveries that have been arriving at our front door!

This is what we've see quite a bit of in our basement the last few weeks.  Piles and piles of colorful blankets...

When I have a big pile of "blanket bags", we check each one to make sure they're all tied correctly, and then stack them up to be tagged and bagged.

Mallory loves counting them and picking out her favorite patterns. :)
Then I tag each one before bagging it.  Each tag has our blog address so that the recipients can peek at the blog to see where their blankie came from.  The number on it corresponds to the blanket number on the Progress Page.
Life Teams consisting of students and teachers from Martin Luther HS in Wisconsin were very busy this week...

Many thanks to my college friend, Erin, for organizing their project!

Sometimes pets like to help too.

Girl Scouts from St. Paul working together on a blanket.
Mal LOVED making new friends at The Lutheran Home last weekend.  Here she is explaining to some "My Rehab" friends how the Blanket Brigade works. 

She was QUITE fond of 100 year old Virginia.  This truly is a project that has been loved on by people of ALL ages!

Thanks, Joe, for overseeing the blanket making at The Lutheran Home!

Our kindergarten friends working hard on their blankets. 
I picked up quite a few blankets this morning while Mal was at school.  She was excited to get all of these home!
Back to work, we go!

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