Sunday, November 9, 2014

It Happened!

Earlier this week Mallory told me that she thought by the end of this weekend we would have more blankets than the 216 we collected last year from more than the 13 states we collected from last year.  Well today her little goals came true!

This afternoon we went coast to coast adding blankets from California and Maine bringing our total to 14 states!  You can check out which states we have received blankets from by peeking at our Heart Map.

As of 6:30 tonight we have 219 blankets and we still have two weeks left until our delivery.  Click here to view our progress.

Thanks to all who have donated to, followed, and prayed for the Blanket Brigade.  It truly brings so much joy to our home knowing that we are providing something so special for the patients at Luries!

We brought a HUGE load of blankets over to Mallory's Great Grandma's house this afternoon.  She's graciously loaning us a spare bedroom for storage this year.
There's still plenty of time to join our efforts.  Here's how -I Want To Make a Blanket - What Do I Do?

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