Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Update and Some Thanks

On Sunday morning Mallory's goal of 56 Blankets was met.
It's now just 3 days later and our current total is 87 blankets.


Mallory and I LOVE the pictures of all of you with your proudly made blankets.  We both get so excited every time we get one.  She loves to sit on my lap and go through each picture on the Our Progress page on the blog.

There are a few people I want to thank....

A friend from church works with the Service Club at Palatine High School.  On Sunday, Andrea gave us TWELVE blankets that her students made for the Blanket Brigade! Thank you, Andrea and thank you, PHS students!

All twelve blankets from the Service Club
I also want to thank my cousin and his wife for allowing us to store the packed up blankets in their spare bedroom.  Blankets were starting to take over our basement!
Thanks to Jon, Christy, and Lucy!
The following are some fun pictures I have received of some "Blanket Brigading"

St. Paul Satellites made three blankets
A friend of mine from grade school has some BIG plans in the works!
Siblings working together
Stephanie got her whole family involved
Kids of ALL ages are helping.  Little ones love picking out fabric.

Our delivery date is the morning of December 30th.  
There is still plenty of time to participate!

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