Monday, December 30, 2013

It Was A Cold Day In Chicago....

On the coldest day of the year our hearts were warmed by the culmination of The Blanket Brigade Project.

This morning, four adults and six kids in three vehicles ventured downtown to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital to deliver blankets.

TWO HUNDRED SIXTEEN blankets from twelve states across the nation made by boys & girls and men & women ages one week (he had a little help) to ninety years old. Blankets made by siblings, parents & children, bible studies, classrooms, coworkers, scout troops and families.  What an AMAZING thing you all did!

After dropping off thirty-seven blanket filled garbage bags at the loading dock, we were greeted in the lobby by two fabulous ladies from public relations.  They did a short interview with Mallory and me and took some pictures for their Facebook page (go "like" them if you haven't already) and their website.  Although we weren't able to personally meet with kids, they should be taking some pictures of patients with their blankies.  Keep an eye out for yours on their Facebook page!

I'm not sure exactly what words I can use to describe the way this project has blessed our home this past month.  The stories of how these blankets were made and the love and time put into them make up for every late night spent tagging and bagging the blankets.  Watching Mallory excitedly tell everyone she came in contact with what we were doing and spending so much time working on tags and carrying blankets from school or church into our mini-van made me the most proud Mommy in the world. In the past few weeks I've seen friends that I haven't seen in YEARS because of a blanket pick up or drop off.  The blessings have been countless and abundant!

"I can't wait 'til next year", has been a phrase I have heard QUITE a few times over the last couple of weeks. After our experience today I can honestly say that Blanket Brigade 2014 is not a bad idea!

Thank you, thank you, a HUNDRED times - THANK YOU to all who helped and participated.  God has certainly blessed our family with the most amazing friends and family we could ever ask for and you all proved that by pouring your love into this project.  God Bless you ALL!

TWELVE states represented!  Amazing!
Some pictures of the last day before delivery
We were absolutely amazed by the variety of the blankets and the fact that we had so few doubles
Getting ready to load up the van
Mallory thought this was pretty silly!
Three cars and we JUST fit them all in
Car #3
We did it!
Danny, Jamie, Maggie, Charlie, Alana, Austin, Jackson, Me, and Mallory
Mallory placing her hand on the "signature" hospital hand
Getting our picture taken for the hospital's Facebook page and website

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  1. So cool Lindsay. And a great way for your daughter to grow up seeing Mom giving back. Awesome!