Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blanket #39 is a Special One

When my friend called me to tell me this story, I got the goosebumps!

A note from the Yellow Room:

We were so excited to make our blanket for the blanket brigade. As we were praying for the recipient of the blanket, a student said,  "My friend is in the hospital". We were able to donate our blanket directly to a 4 year old who is suffering from epilepsy. The blanket brigade has given us an opportunity to care for one another. We now pray for this little guy on a regular basis.

Mrs. Cimarusti and the friends in the Yellow Room at St. Paul.

I love that a sweetie in Mrs. Cimarusti's class shared his love for his friend with his classmates.  We pray for the sweet recipient of this blanket in our house too!  Thanks, Mrs. Cimarusti!

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